Hotels in kvareli


Distinctive Hotel in Kvareli

Tired of the daily routine, I devote myself to one weekend a month. I am getting out of a busy city and find myself somewhere in a cozy, quiet place.

This is how I’ve traveled almost all over Georgia. Adventure tours help me to recover my energy.

During the World Pandemic, when even domestic tours were not planned, I wanted to change the monotonous, stressful environment for a weekend. I have already been in almost every hotel or chateau near Tbilisi, so it was quite difficult to make a choice - where to rest safely and at an affordable price.

The closest I can remember was Kakheti, which is distinguished by its gastronomy, hospitality, and open views. I was looking for an environment I had never seen before in the bosom of nature, with fresh air and, most importantly, a kitchen full of healthy products.

My demands were quite high, however, to my surprise when in the very first minutes of the search, I came across such a place - Kvareli Lake. I did not think much, I remembered all the positive reviews I heard from my friends and booked a hotel in Kvareli.

I have been to Kvareli many times, but I didn't really expect to see the beauty of the resort area in mid-November: mountains covered with mixed forests, a nearly three-kilometer carpet of yellow leaves, a calm, mysterious and foggy lake, an adapted environment and smiling staff. That’s all I needed to relax.

After checking in, I went straight into my room with a camera and the first thing I saw was this panoramic view of the foggy and mysterious Alazani Valley and Kvareli Lake. Seeing them, especially in the morning and evening, gave me a sense of calm and inner harmony. That was exactly what I needed.

In addition to my favorite, traditional Kakhetian dishes, I discovered a few novelties in the restaurant menu. After tasting some of them, I tried a lot to understand the recipes of various well-prepared sauces, however, the experienced chef left the secrets in the kitchen of Kvareli Lake restaurant. On the terrace of Kvareli Lake, I tasted the traditional Kakhetian style, bio-wine placed in a pitcher, which was distinguished by a variety of aromas and rich taste.

After dinner I needed to explore the area, take a walk and clear my mind. I was very pleasantly surprised when the hotel staff offered me a tour by electric car. 8-10 seater, windowless, ecologically clean transport followed the mountain and forest trail that fascinated me as soon as I entered the resort.

At the end of the tour, to make my life more bloody, I sat on a rocking chair by the lake and reminisced about my childhood, cycled around the whole area, and borrowed a book from the hotel lobby library to read on the terrace.

Objectively, the hotel in Kvareli turned out to be exactly the place I was looking for with its hospitality, delicious food, beautiful, modern design, fresh air, diverse nature, and full service. What more could a person who wants to go on vacation?!