Alazani valley


5 reasons why you should visit Kakheti in winter

During the global pandemic, in an era of closed borders domestic tourism has become a priority for each country. People have started to travel, discover and know their countries better.

Kakheti (a two-hour drive from Tbilisi) is known as the homeland of wine. Everyone is amazed by its history, food, and remarkable places.

In order to avoid dark  and gloomy winter in Tbilisi, we offer 5 reasons to visit the homeland of wine:




Everything new is well forgotten old, so, you’d better start the New Year with time travel.

The history of Gremi as the capital of Kakheti dates back to the XV century. It maintained its status as a center of political, cultural, and economic life for two centuries, until the invasion of Shah Abbas. 

The palace, built for defense, is erected in an easily accessible place, it has a corner tower on the side of Alazani Valley, with arches and openings connecting the floor.

The historic Grammy Complex has been a museum-reserve since 1975. A total of 2,056 exhibits are preserved in the museum, including paintings and artifacts unearthed during archeological excavations.

Seeing Alazani Valley from the snowy Grammy, meeting the New Year, and feeling the Kakhetian traditions will take you straight from the present to the history of the old town.

900-year-old Chadar in the center of Telavi

The 46-meter Chadar, which was planted by King Parnavaz in the middle of Telavi, in front of the Erekle II monument, is more than 900 years old. The first information about it is given by the Greek geographer Strabo.  The centuries-old tree survived the invasions of Pompey, Jalal ad-Din, Shah Abbas, as well as Agha-Muhammad-Khan and Omar-Khan.

In the 90s, Spanish dendrochronologist Marta Dominguez-Delmas defended her dissertation on Telavi Chadar.

Last year, Chadar started to roar, so the world's leading specialists were invited to save it.

According to legend, if you make a wish, it will definitely pay off for you, especially if you stand at the foot of the oldest tree covered with snowflakes!

Alazani Valley and Kvareli Lake

At the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, one of the most densely populated areas in Georgia is the Alazani Valley, which stretches for 160 kilometers.

The area is rich in natural resources and is distinguished not only by viticulture but also by sudden climate change and boundless views. 

Mysterious Kvareli Lake is stretched for 800 meters. It is surrounded by deciduous tree hills and bicycle lanes. From the terrace of the Resort “Kvareli Lake”, you can see the breathtaking horizon of the Alazani Valley and walk through the fog.

Enjoying winter and meeting the New Year in an environment surrounded by mountains, forests, and natural lakes, together with family and loved ones, will fill you with positive energy and a sense of freedom.



Sighnaghi - the city of love

Narrow, uniquely designed streets and houses with balconies, a castle-fence built by King Erekle, a wide view of the Alazani Valley, and the always snowy Caucasus - this is the city of love - Sighnaghi.

Sighnaghi is a Turkish word and means shelter, so it is not surprising that couples visit Sighnaghi every day to put a ring on their love. 

You can walk and see the whole city located on the top of a mountain, only in an hour. 

Every lane of Sighnaghi has a living history. In winter it is covered with snow and creates a beautiful sight. In the New Year, a special, traditional Kakhetian supra is spread in almost every family.



Kakhetian gastronomy


Georgian New Year supra is unimaginable without traditional dishes, Kakhetian, pitcher wine, or shoti bread.

The poetic toasts uttered by Tamada are a pure wine and a varied supper bottled in honor of both the host and the guest, an integral part of the Kakhetian guest-hosting.

Traditional and different dishes can be prepared in every family, but an experienced chef, pleasant environment, Georgian supra saturated with organic and ecologically clean ingredients grown in the local farm, you will find only in resort “Kvareli Lake’s” restaurant.

An unforgettable trip rediscovered Georgia and winter in Kakheti - with traditional dishes and Georgian wine, will make the New Year mood not only for Georgian guests but also for foreign visitors even higher.

The French traveler Chardin wrote about Georgians in the 17th century: "Nowhere do they drink so much blossom and such fragrant wine as in Georgia"...

Along with aromatic wine, Georgians have beautiful views, picturesque Alazani Valley, and hospitable Kvareli Lake, which is especially beautiful and mysterious at this time of year.