Kvareli SPA


Relaxation and SPA procedures at Kvareli Lake Resort

Due to the fast pace of life and busy schedules, when thinking about future plans, we often switch to daily activities rather than taking pleasure and relaxing our minds, which is facilitated by our unchanging environment.

Focusing on present-day life and our own thoughts and feelings, accepting desires, and changing the standard environment have a positive effect not only on our emotions but also on our physical condition. 

At the “Kvareli Lake” resort any person will be able to get close to himself, feel freedom and even work from the entrails of nature.

Fishing, spa treatments, gastronomic masterclasses, or panoramic views - these are just a few of the activities that the resort offers after a busy working week or day.

Panoramic views and proximity to nature give a feeling of joy and health to any visitor of "Kvareli Lake”. The hotel is surrounded by forests, a natural lake, and the Alazani Valley, which stretches for 160 kilometers.

Due to the busy days, it is sometimes difficult to look beyond the screen and the digital world, relax the eyes and mind, breathe fresh air, and hear the sounds of nature. However, all these are possible from the panoramic terrace of Kvareli Lake: Enjoying the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountain, biking in the woods, and more peace of mind - it is desirable to give yourself the right to rest.

During this stressful life in the pandemic, closed borders and the cessation of the tourist season, along with the economic crisis, have caused psychological stress and tension in each of us.

Rehabilitation and spa treatments that are designed for body/face skin help improve blood circulation and relieve stress easily.

"Kvareli Lake" massage cabinet includes a combination of massages - fundamental classical massage, Eastern, European or medical therapy:

In addition to refreshing massages, after which the body is filled with new energy and the mind is filled with positive emotions, exclusively in "Kvareli Lake" SPA - it is possible to receive wine therapy: treatment of face and body with wine scrub, moisturizing procedures, and exfoliation, not only nourishes the skin, it is also prerequisite for a velvet structure.

Proximity to nature, customer-friendly environment, and relaxation procedures, comfortable workspace and entertainment, adapted spaces, allow the guest to relax and unwind at any time of the year. 

A few days spent at the resort will help you in future development and overcoming difficulties, mental health, and emotional management.